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Since 2009, Ghanim International Corporation has been developing, marketing and promoting bruneihalalfoods products across the world.

Born out of the aim to address the growing requisite for halal, quality, safety and sustainability in all aspects of consumption, our vision is to be the iconic global Halal brand that will excel through innovation and virtue. We create products through research and development to bring innovative product solutions to the market, thereby providing assurance to our consumers that bruneihalalfoods products are halal and wholesome in its properties.

bruneihalalfoods product portfolio includes food and beverages ranging from Confectionery, Snacks, Ready to Eat meals, Frozen Poultry and more. Proudly manufactured by partners across Brunei Darussalam, bruneihalalfoods is committed to serving the best of Brunei to the world through the people's love of food.

Our Halal Promise

At Ghanim, we strive to exceed consumer expectations to bruneihalalfoods products by adhering to the requirements of the Brunei Religious Council's Brunei Halal accreditation system. We work with Halal and Quality Control Auditors to carry out inspection and audit of the entire supply chain to ensure that the entire production meets Halal operational and food safety standards.

Our Brand


Our Initiatives


Awards & Recognition

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