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bruneihalalfoods launched FlavaFroot & Serenitea

bruneihalalfoods introduces their latest product range, the FlavaFroot beverages at the newly opened Soon Lee Mega Mart in Muara. The flavored tea beverage comes in 250ml size in strawberry, peach and apple flavor, developed exclusively to cater to children’s tastebuds and endorsed ‘Healthier Choice’ for low sugar content.

“We are pleased to release the latest product, FlavaFroot beverages to join our growing range of bruneihalalfoods product portfolio, affirming our ambition to create extensive local products as part of our aspirations to continue realising the production and innovation capabilities of our local partners and manufacturers. By working together with proactive partners we hope to continue creating innovative, high quality, competitively priced, convenient and healthier products for local and international market.

In the past couple of months, COVID-19 has opened up numerous opportunities for local products to fulfill local demands due to the various disruptions in imports and the retail supply chain caused by to various restriction and closures of factories across the region. This has not only challenged our local capabilities to meet demand required but pose as significant growth opportunities for us to step up to meet short term demand and simultaneously affirm a solid footing in the local market in the long run especially as our local products are able to compete with international brands. Ghanim shall continue to work tirelessly with local SMEs to develop, market and promote products to support the nation’s aspirations for food industry development growth, import substitution and export.

FlavaFroot is the first that we are creating for children and we hope to continue growing our product portfolio in this category as we see massive opportunities to meet the growing requirement of this demographic.” Dr Nur Rahman, CEO, Ghanim International Corporation

The launching was officiated by Dr Nur Rahman, the CEO of Ghanim International Corporation and their authorized distributor, CKC Inofood.

bruneihalalfoods also took this auspicious moment to showcase the healthier choice endorsed Serenitea flavored green tea range launched earlier this year that is widely distributed across major department stores and independent stores in Brunei. “We have been receiving many positive feedbacks about Serenitea since we launched it into the market with two flavours – apricot and mango.” Dr Nur Rahman, CEO, Ghanim International Corporation

As part of this launch, a promotional campaign of ‘Buy any 2 bottles and receive 1 free bottle’ will be rolled out during the weekend.

For more product information, follow bruneihalalfoods on social media @bruneihalal or visit

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