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Ghanim International Corporation opens new door for 4th branch of “The Junction"

Ghanim International Corporation Sdn Bhd (Ghanim) launches the fourth “The Junction” outlet in Kiarong Complex and fifth “The Junction” outlet in Gadong Central, Menglait, following the previous launch of “The Junction” at Armada Tungku in April 2021. “The Junction” convenience store franchise is a Retail Entrepreneurship Programme which is a government initiative to encourage local participation within the retail sector managed by Ghanim, under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

Present during the milestone of the grand launch was Dr. Nur Rahman, the Chief Executive Officer of Ghanim; Senior Manager for Business Strategy & Development of Ghanim, Fatin Arifin, and “The Junction” operators - Mr. Sia Jia Wei, Mr. Mohammad Herman Ardini Bin Abdullah Garisu, Mr. Ariyaazmi Bin Ibrahim and Mr. Haji Mohammad Azim Rafiuddin Bin Abdullah and other invited guests.

“We have received a significant number of applications for this entrepreneurship program from the public and as business is going back to normal after the recent wave of the pandemic, we are working to open more stores in the coming months. As the program company, our role is to assist the operators with the set-up, the supply of the goods from various suppliers and provide training support whilst the operators focus on managing the daily running of the store. This model is hoped to remove the barriers to retail operations.”

“As we add more outlets, we hope to offer more opportunities for local MSMEs and 1K1P to launch products, test the market and undertake promotional activities at the “The Junction” Convenience Stores" Dr. Nur Rahman, Chief Executive Officer, Ghanim International Corporation.

“The Junction” Retail Entrepreneurship Programme hopes to be an enabler to educate youth to open, operate and expand a convenience store using a guided franchise system which also aims to create job opportunities for locals as skilled retail professionals.

If interested to join this program, applicants may apply through

To find out more about “The Junction” Convenience Store and its development follow its official instagram

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