The Buy Local Produce Campaign (BLPC) has been activated to buy produces from growers at tamu Tutong on 12 August 2021. The BLPC initiative was launched by Ghanim International Corporation Sdn Bhd (Ghanim) in April 2020 in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Economy and DARe during the temporary closure of Tamu Tutong and Tamu Seria due to the COVID-19 pandemic between April to July 2020.

As part of the initiative, during this 2nd wave of Covid, Ghanim will purchase various local produce directly from local farmers at the tamu sites and supply the collected produce to various local channels which includes retail outlets, restaurants, the Junction kiosk outlets as well as the Junction Convenient Stores and numerous online platforms.

“With the recent re-closure of Tamu Tutong and Tamu Seria, we are again responding to the call from the government to support the vendors and producers affected, by activating our operations in Tamu Tutong and Tamu Seria every Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.” Dr Nur Rahman, Chief Executive Officer.

“After the re-opening of the tamu in July last year, we decided to continue the BLPC initiative as we saw the opportunity and benefit to continue providing our local producers alternative avenues and wider market access for their produce. Now after more than one year, we are pleased that the BLPC initiative is now a business unit at Ghanim and have aspirations to continue growing the initiative sustainably, operating daily from Monday to Thursday and Saturday where the produce are obtained from the local producers from all districts. We have commenced the selling of the local produce online and offline including home delivery and request our community to buy these items to support Bruneian growers during this unprecedented times.” Dr Nur Rahman, Chief Executive Officer.

As of date, Ghanim has already engaged with up to 32 growers for up to 93 produce since April 2020 and the company intends to continue to grow further in number of growers, items and volume in the coming months.

To participate in the BLPC initiative, vendors and farmers are encouraged to contact Ghanim by calling over the phone number at 7180064 and provide key information including list, volume, and the price of the produce, preferably three days in advance where Ghanim shall work to find buyers of the produce and the volume purchased will be confirmed with the vendors.

The collected produce is available for purchase on various platforms including, Alternatively, all available produce can also be viewed on the BLPC official Instagram account - @blpc.bhf where a collection or delivery option is provided.

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