Official launching of The Junction Retail Entrepreneurship Programme

Ghanim International Corporation Sdn Bhd, a company under the purview of Darussalam Assets Sdn Bhd launches the “The

Junction” Retail Entrepreneurship Programme, a government initiative to encourage local participation within the retail industry. The programme sees the simultaneous official opening of 3 “The Junction” Convenience Stores at The Korner of Tungku Estate Armada; BIBD Connects Lambak and Dewan Kemasyarakatan Mentiri at the ceremony.

Present during the milestone event to officiate the launching ceremony was the guest of honour Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Dr Awang Haji Mohd Amin Liew bin Abdullah, Minister at The Prime Minister’s Office and Minister of Finance and Economy II.

Also present was Dato Seri Paduka Haji Abdul Manaf Haji Metussin, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy (Economy) and Chairman of Ghanim International Corporation; Dato Seri Paduka Awang Haji Ahmaddin bin Haji Abd Rahman, Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy (Fiscal); Awang Haji Khairuddin Bin Haji Abdul Hamid, Permanent Secretary (Investment) at the Ministry of Finance and Economy & Chief Executive Officer at Darussalam Assets; Pengiran Hajah Zety Sufina binti Pengiran Dato Paduka Haji Sani, Permanent Secretary (Industry) at the Ministry of Finance and Economy; Dr Nur Rahman, the Chief Executive Officer of Ghanim International Corporation and Board Members of Ghanim International Corporation and other key invited guests.

“The Junction” positioned as Brunei’s one stop convenience store franchise is an expansion of the “The Junction” kiosks owned by Ghanim International Corporation that has been operating successfully since 2018 at various establishments including the Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Health and Brunei International Airport among others. Leveraging on this experience and responding to Brunei government’s aspirations to support local entrepreneurship development, “The Junction” Convenience Store is a structured retail entrepreneurship development programme developed as a platform for local participation in the convenience store business and a route for MSMEs products to reach the market where Ghanim acts as the facilitator to promote local young entrepreneurs to act as franchisees in the running of the “The Junction” Convenience Stores.

“The Junction” Convenience Store features a wide selection of fast moving daily essentials, household items, food products and ready meals. “The Junction” Convenience Store will also act as a platform for the distribution and promotion of MSMEs, home-based and cottage industry products including 1K1P products.

““The Junction” Convenience Store programme is expected to open up opportunities for entrepreneurship within the retail sector and simultaneously contribute to alleviating unemployment through the spin-off job opportunities. The government has created this programme as a training and development platform to develop locals into business owners and job providers through an enabling framework that trains youth to establish, operate and grow a convenience store successfully through a guided franchise model and the support from skilled processionals in retail. The entrepreneurs will have the responsibility to run the operations and eventually own the Convenience Store at a suitable time.

We want this programme to be a platform to develop entrepreneurship, especially for our youth. Additionally, “The Junction” Convenience Store aims to also provide a platform for MSMEs including 1K1P to gain access to market competitively.” Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Dr Awang Haji Mohd Amin Liew bin Abdullah, Minister at The Prime Minister’s Office and Minister of Finance and Economy II.

“Through this program the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to experience firsthand day to day operational requirements to operate convenience stores and gain exposure and understanding to market dynamic, demands and needs so we hope to see our local youth rise to utilize this opportunity that is provided by the government and take on the challenge to be successful.

Ghanim has taken on this initiative as part of our effort to contribute to improve the value chain of the food industry and the food industry ecosystem overall as one of the most important aspect is establishing the route to market for Bruneian made products. The success of “The Junction” Convenience Stores will spur more opportunities for MSMEs and 1K1P to utilize “The Junction” Convenience Stores to launch products, test the market and conduct promotional activities.

As the Programme Company, our interest is for the “The Junction” Convenience Store to operate sustainably and profitably. Our role as the Programme Company is to facilitate the setup of the “The Junction” Convenience Stores and manage the supply of the goods from the suppliers designed to eliminate potential barriers in operating a convenience store successfully.” Dr Nur Rahman, Chief Executive Officer, Ghanim International Corporation.

The launch was held at “The Junction” @ The Korner, Tungku Estate Armada. “The Junction” Retail Entrepreneurship Programme is supported by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, Brunei Economic Development Board and Darussalam Enterprise.

“The Junction” @ The Korner of Tungku Estate Armada will be operated by Mr Ariyazmi bin Ibrahim; “The Junction” @ BIBD Connects Lambak will be operated by MD Herman Ardini bin Abdulllah Garisu @ Gerry Hermaney Jr. Garisu and “The Junction” @ Mentiri Community Hall will be operated by Hj Mohammad Azim Rafiuddin bin Abdullah.

Ghanim aims to open up more “The Junction” Convenience stores in the months and years ahead.

To find out more about “The Junction” Convenience store and its development follow its official Instagram and twitter

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