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The Junction celebrates 1st Anniversary

Ghanim International Corporation celebrates the first year anniversary of “The Junction” by bruneihalalfoods in an event held at the Ministry of Finance and Economy, Commonwealth Drive, Bandar Seri Begawan, attended by senior officials. The anniversary also saw the unveiling of Bruneian Made Shelf and the introduction of new mouthwatering bruneihalalfoods products.

The Junction by bruneihalalfoods is a one stop retail outlet with wide selection of bruneihalalfoods products ranging from ready to heat products, snacks, chilli sauces, frozen marinated chicken, buns, beverages and premium frozen desserts among various others aimed at providing bruneihalalfoods customers accessibility and convenience of purchase. Initially setup as a kiosk at the Ministry of Finance and Economy in February 2018, the Junction by bruneihalalfoods was established a year later as an official retail outlet store to promote Bruneian food products.

The Bruneian Made Shelf, a Bruneian made initiative program by Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) will form part of“The Junction” by bruneihalalfoods as part of a joint initiative to create a platform for MSMEs products route to market and also feature a variety of high quality selection of Bruneian Made products.

Additionally, a total of six (6) new bruneihalalfoods products were launched to commemorate the milestone event. These new additions includes Ready to heat Beef Lasagna and Ready to heat Roasted Chicken Pie, Nyam! Beef Burger Patties, Lemongrass Chilli Sauce, Lemongrass Hot & Sweet Chilli Sauce, Frozen Tuna Fish Balls; produced by Royal Brunei Culinary (RBC), PDS Abattoir Sdn Bhd, Sahamada Sdn Bhd and Yamako Pacific exclusively for bruneihalalfoods.

“We are delighted to celebrate this event marking yet another significant milestone of Ghanim International Corporation this year. From the opening of a small kiosk to now having “The Junction” by bruneihalalfoods at strategic locations such as the Ministry of Finance and Economy building, Brunei International Airport, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Department of Immigration and Registration, the Ministry of Health among various others, we aim to continue expanding “The Junction” nationwide and one day internationally.

Today we are pleased to also collaborate with Darussalam Enterprise to make Bruneian made products by our local MSMEs accessible at our key “The Junction” locations - we hope that MSMEs will take this opportunity to use this as a platform to launch and promote their products, test the market and simultaneously reach out to new customers. Over the years, we have been promoting Bruneian made products under bruneihalalfoods and we are committed to becoming local MSMEs partners for distribution into the local and subsequently, international market. Today, we are also pleased to introduce new product additions to the bruneihalalfoods portfolio as part of Ghanim’s continuous effort and commitment to develop exciting high quality Bruneian made products for our consumers and customers in partnership with local manufacturers and producers.” - Dr Nur Rahman, CEO, Ghanim International Corporation.

The newly launched products will be exclusively available at The Junction and will also be made available in the retail market in the next few months, joining in with a range of other bruneihalalfoods products in wide distribution across retail outlets nationwide and to export markets.

As part of the celebration bruneihalalfoods is offering amazing deals from 5th to 11th February,2021 exclusively at “The Junction” by bruneihalalfoods, Ministry of Finance and Economy. In addition bruneihalalfoods will also be rewarding its customers by offering a prize in its ‘Dip & Win” promotion, where each customers will be given an opportunity to win amazing prizes with minimum purchase of $8.

To find out more about Ghanim International and bruneihalalfoods visit our official website at www, or get the latest news and updates by following bruneihalalfoods official instagram account at @bruneihalal.

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