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We are looking for highly motivated individuals fit to the bruneihalalfoods environment and culture. 
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Position:       Accounts Associates

Job Description for Accounts associates

  1. To perform a variety of accounting transactions such as General Ledger transaction, banking entries, journal entries etc. into the company accounting.

  2. To ensure bank reconciliation are prepared and updated on a monthly basis. 

  3. To ensure financial listing schedules are prepared and updated on a monthly basis to ease audit work.

  4. To co-operate and communicate proactively with the Sales and Purchasing department for documents requested such as customer invoice, customer payments, credit or debit note issued, etc.

  5. To ensure that the purchases and payments, and credit control systems are kept under regular review, and to recommend and implement improvements.

Requirements: Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Qualification     : HND / Degree in Accounting and Finance or related field.

Experiences     : Minimum 5 years working experience in related field.

Knowledge & Skills

  1. Self-Motivation

  2. Integrity

  3. Ability to reflect on one's own work as well as the wider consequences of financial decisions

  4. Business Acumen and Interest

  5. Organizational skills and ability to manage deadlines

  6. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  7. Proficiency in IT

  8. Analytical ability

  9. High level of numeracy

Position:       BLPC Lead

Job Summary

Brunei Local Produce Centre (“BLPC”) Lead is responsible for planning overseeing the day-to-day operations of BLPC activities. BLPC Lead acts as a liaison between farmers and Ghanim International Corporation Sdn Bhd (“GIC”) to increase productivity, sourcing and supply.

Job Description for BLPC Lead

  1. Planning and developing business opportunities for BLPC through contract farming and continuous improvement

  2. Responsible for developing and execution of contract farming operational framework and increase production

  3. Responsible for selecting suitable farmers and procurement of the produce which fit company’s requirements.

  4. Responsible for arrangements with government offices and other stakeholder

  5. Responsible for sourcing, storage and supply of produces.

Requirements: Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Qualification     : Diploma and professional qualification in agriculture/ horticulture or a related field is desirable.

Experiences     : : Minimum 5 years working experience in practical farm management experience.

Knowledge & Skills

  1. Knowledge of international best practice in the production of agricultural products

  2. Leadership experience in change management

  3. Strong communication, presentation and liaison skills

  4. An open, flexible and innovative working style

  5. Excellent face to face communication, presentation and consulting skills

  6. Ability to handle ambiguity and create innovative practical solutions

  7. Ability to build positive relationships with multiple stakeholder groups

  8. Be an effective team player who is able to work both in a team environment as well as independently

Position:       Sales Manager

Job Summary

Sales Manager is responsible for planning overseeing the day-to-day of sale operations. Sales Manager is also responsible for designing and implementing company’s strategic business plan to increase revenue generation.

Job Description Sales Manager

  1. Responsible for revenue generation of bruneihalalfoods products and ensure yields across products 

  2. Achieve growth and hit sales targets by successfully managing the sales team

  3. Design and implement a strategic business plan that expands company’s customer base and ensure its strong presence

  4. Coaching and performance monitoring of sales representatives

  5. Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs

  6. Present sales, revenue and expenses reports and realistic forecasts to the management team

  7. Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status

  8. Responsible for interacting with foreign customers on support and pricing matters

  9. Strategize and plan the sales process management, forecasting, pricing, expenses, profitability, new product development, market research and brand strategy

  10. Prepare Business Plan on business design, structure, process and operating plan and financial model

Requirements: Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Qualification     : Bachelor Degree in Business Management, Marketing, communication or a related field.

Experiences     : Minimum 5 years working experience in Sales managerial position in FMCG foods products.

Knowledge & Skills

  1. Leadership experience in change management and proven ability to lead a team

  2. An open, flexible and innovative working style

  3. Excellent face to face communication, presentation and consulting skills

  4. Ability to handle ambiguity and create innovative practical solutions

  5. Ability to build positive relationships with multiple stakeholder groups

  1. Deep understanding of CRM systems and best practices

  2. Results-oriented with strong analytical skills

  3. Deep understanding of CRM systems and best practices

Position:       Direct Retail - The Junction

Job Description for Direct Retail

  • Develop The Junction growth strategy in sales that maximizes long-term performance and creating long-term value for stakeholders. 

  • Responsible for the operational process of The Junction from the initial stage to completion which includes maintenance, identifying and sourcing of products to The Junction.

  • Manage both opportunities and risks to continually improve financial performance of The Junction 

  • Strengthen The Junction process through the attraction, approval and selection of new entrepreneur, and the execution of the development growth of the existing The Junction entrepreneur.

  • Responsible for providing marketing tools or activities to raise brand awareness for the Junction.

Requirements: Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Qualification     : Minimum Bachelor Degree

Experiences     : Minimum of 10 years working experience in relevant area

Knowledge & Skills

  1. Ability to work effectively as a team member and independently,

  2. Ability to manage multiple priorities under pressure, trouble-shoot, and to meet short- and long-term deadlines

  3. Knowledge in budget and financial management

  4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  5. Excellent critical and creative thinking and analytical skills

Position:               : R&D and Compliance Manager

Brief summary

R&D and Compliance Manager are responsible for the product development and production scale up along with daily execution of R&D related lab activities, evaluates current and alternative food ingredients, create product recipe and conduct sensory evaluation of new food products. R&D and Compliance Manager are also responsible for overseeing food safety and quality, auditing internal and external food manufacturing sites to measure compliance with Ghanim International Corporation Sdn Bhd (“GIC”) policies and procedures, identifying the key risk attributes for each manufacturing lines and working with operations and QA managers on initiatives for reducing 

Job Description for R&D and Compliance Manager

  • Lead the creation and management of products from "white board" concepts through to completed formula/ recipe designs ready for commercialization corresponding with a published Product Development launch calendar.

  • Spearhead the development and commercialization of all new products

  • Develop new product formulation and reformulation of existing formulas as required

  • Work with partners to improve products, product formulation and identify product development opportunities

  • Raise the standards of products in Brunei  

  • Undertaken creative & innovative approach to food development

  • Develop a supplier and co-packer program to include risk assessment matrix, approval criteria, and audit requirements to reduce the risk of packaging materials and ingredients.

  • Develop an internal GIC compliance program to encompass auditing of corporate programs at all processing lines to verify standard program implementation and drive consistency.

  • Responsible for corporate analysis and reporting of GIC data and metrics including consumer complaints, customer grievances, internal food safety and quality monitoring data, and pathogen testing results.

  • Maintain corporate programs such as the corporate quality policy, quality attributes, recall program, and the net weight program for all processing lines. This will/may include training of GIC technical staff

  • Identify and lead corporate continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Function as the primary internal resource for third party audit certification.

Requirements: Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Bachelor's degree in food science and nutrition and/or food tech preferred, or related field


Minimum of 10 years of relevant experience in product development in FMCG (food) products

Knowledge and Skills:​

  1. Strong project management skills, including the commitment to develop timelines, creatively problem solve to address road blocks and run tasks to meet deadlines.

  2. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to work effectively across functional groups

  3. Ability to adjust to a fast pace environment.

  4. Knowledge of the field of nutritional ingredients/products.

  5. Understanding of the consumer marketplace for food products.

  6. Analytical skills required for development of product economics models, forecasting and understanding of formulas.

  7. Familiarity with global food requirement and standards such as HACCAP, Halal, Gluten Free, Organic.

Position:               : Food Technologist

Brief summary

Food Technologist is responsible to support the manufacturing of foods products with the required specifications on a commercial scale.

Job Description for Food Technologist

  • Modify existing products and creates and manages the new product development pipeline portfolio.

  • Collaborates cross-functionally to drive the Customer to Concept process to bring new products to market.

  • Identifies marketing opportunities by analyzing and defining market share, competitor market share, and available market share by product market.

  • Provides leadership and support for the design, development, refinement, and implementation of products by initiating research to identify consumer needs; develop new products to meet consumer needs; research consumer acceptance of products; work with production to identify process improvement.

  • Prioritized new concepts/products through the development process which includes:

  • Formula and costing creation

  • Customer/Market test

  • Production Scale up

  • Responsible for Performance Evaluation Analysis.

  • Maintain ongoing communication with the management to share on emerging new ingredients, packaging and technology.

Requirements: Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Bachelor’s Degree in Food technology (Food, nutrition and health, Food safety and quality management, Food science) or related degree


Minimum 10 years working experience in related field and knowledge in retort processing technology will be an added advantage

Knowledge and Skills:​

  1. A genuine interest in science and how it is applied to food and cookery

  2. High standards of cleanliness and the ability to adhere to strict hygiene rules

  3. Excellent attention to detail

  4. Strong written and verbal communication skills

  5. Leadership qualities

  6. people and team working skills

  7. Flexible approach to working

  8. Numeracy and problem-solving skills

  9. An awareness of the consumer market. 

Position:               : Procurement Admin

Job Description for Procurement Admin

  1. Maintain updated records of purchased products, delivery information and invoices 

  2. Track orders and ensure timely delivery 

  3.  Review quality of purchased products 

  4.  Enter order details (e. g. vendors, quantities, prices) into internal databases 

  5.  Prepare reports on purchases, including cost analyses 

  6.  Monitor stock levels and place orders as needed 

  7.  Coordinate with warehouse staff to ensure proper storage 

  8.  To coordinate/support all departments within the company and suppliers in the purchasing scope of work for requested purchases as well as to assist in managing and following up on overseas orders to ensure on-time delivery.

  9. Handling and monitoring of claims to factories and vendors for any product defects, shortages or missing parts.  

  10. Responsible for the preparation and processing of purchase orders and documents in accordance with company policies and procedures. 

Requirements: Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Qualification        : At least 4 O’level 


Minimum 5 years’ experience in relevant area. Inventory experience in distributors and retail will be an added advantage

Knowledge and Skills:​

  1. Strong analytical skills.

  2. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal. 

  3. Strong organizational and stress management skills. 

  4. Strong Negotiation skills

  5. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, particularly with Excel. 

  6. Ability to train and manage staff.

  7. Ability to work with little to no supervision

Position:       Electrician

Job Description for an Electrician 

  1. To be responsible for both mechanical and electrical engineering maintenance issues including PLC and electronic parts around the factory.

  2. Undertake planned maintenance, breakdown repair and condition monitoring activities of plant and equipment.

  3. Report to Production staff on status of machine breakdowns.

  4. To manage and deliver departmental based projects.

  5. Attend and contribute to regular team meetings (some of which will occasionally be outside of your normal working hours)

  6. Produce Excel and Word based production reports as required.

  7. Proactively identify and implement improvements to operational machine and resource efficiencies whilst giving consideration to the impact on other departments. Promoting a continuous improvement culture within the other department.

  8. Work in conjunction with Operations staff on daily operational engineering related issues and continuous improvement teams.

  9. To conduct preventive and predictive maintenance task as per required by plant engineer.

Requirements: Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Qualification     : Diploma/HND in Electrical and Electronics Engineering or related field.

Experiences     : Minimum 2 years working experience in food manufacturing or any related field.

Knowledge & Skills

  1. Knowledge in electrical, electronic, PLC and safety standard 

  2. Strong Problem-solving skills

  3. Excellent practical in machineries maintenance and electrical troubleshooting 

  4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  5. Good in mathematics.

  6. Understand all electrical safety standard and compliance.